Significance of Consumer Protection Laws

The main aim of the Consumer Protection Law is to protect the rights of the consumers and to ensure the welfare of the consumers by protecting them from the exploitation of the marketers or tradesmen. In most of the countries the consumer protection act is introduced in order to protect the consumer from unfair trade practices. Almost all the marketers and tradesmen are familiar with the market condition and so they think that they can dominate and exploit the consumers easily. The Consumer Protection Law aims at providing the truthful information in the marketplace.

Numerous consumers are unaware of the market information and so they buy the items or products without complete knowledge about the price, quality, etc and thus later they some cases the products are found to be adulterated which can endanger the life of the consumers. Hence the consumer protection laws play a vital role in informing the consumers.

It is advisable that while purchasing the products you should be well informed and reasonably observant and you should have complete knowledge of your basic rights. Mostly the tradesmen deceive the average customer by providing them with wrong or misleading information regarding the origin of a product, its characteristics, etc. Also beware of those marketers who creates confusion in your minds related to the competitor’s products

Numerous UK consumers are targeted by the scammers every year. Scams can be of several types such as financial, credit card, loan scams, lottery scams, money transfer, medical frauds, stock frauds, online scams, etc. Loan scams occur when people who have credit problems and they are offered a loan over the phone or in an email. In order to apply for a loan people are asked to give their bank details, credit card details, etc. Similarly internet scams involve winning a lottery online, job offers, bank overpayments, etc. The only aim of the scammers behind all these fraudulent schemes is to convince you to send them money. It is recommended not to believe in any such things of the scammers and not to provide any personal information. Mostly the internet scammers make use of the social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. In order to complain and report the whole matter you can go to the Metropolitan Police. You can take help of the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) as it offers effective tips on how to recognize a scam. Moreover OFT also offers a list of the types of scams from which you can get a brief idea about the scams.

With the help of Consumer protection law you hold the complete right to complain to the company or the tradesman that sold you the improper or inadequate goods. You can also hire a highly experienced and knowledgeable solicitor who can make the complaint on your behalf. Moreover the solicitor can provide you with effective advice and can also guide you properly about your case. In case you do not get any response from the company that mis-sold you the goods then you can take the help of the courts. The Director-General of Fair Trade deals with the Consumer Protection issues.